Award Nominations

Category 1: Individual

Hall Of Fame Award

This is the highest honour and the most coveted of The Future of HR Awards. It recognises an individual who, through visionary people management strategies and leadership for over ten years, has made an outstanding contribution to the industry as a whole.

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CHRO of the year

If people are a company’s greatest asset, then chief HR officers (CHROs) have a lot riding on their shoulders. They are stewards and strategists who are responsible for a company’s talent and performance blueprint – all of which drive the business forward.

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HR Rising Star of the Year

This award recognises the practitioner who has achieved impressive results in Human Resources. The winning individual in this category demonstrates the practice of progressive HR initiatives.

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HR Leader of the Year

This award is open to all CEO’s, Directors and Managers. This award recognizes all senior management staff that exhibits a track record of excellence in HR leadership at an executive level by ensuring sound HR principles are included in all aspects of the business.

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HR Professional of the Year

This award recognizes exemplary HR professionals who contribute by improving their organization's bottom line, achieving business results, developing innovative and sustainable programs

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Young HR Talent of the Year

This Award is for young gun late-20s and 30-something high performers who have been in HR for less than five years and are punching well above their weight and doing great things. If you have one on your team, give your rising star the right recognition with this award.

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HR visionary leader of the Year

The senior HR leader – director-level and above, who has a clear vision and demonstrated the ability to implement change, exceed HR metrics and contribute to the business will be crowned HR Leader of the Year.

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Innovative HR Leader of the Year

This award recognises the radical and innovative use of technology by an in-house HR team to improve synergies, deliver insight and increase efficiency to the wider organisation.

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Category 2: Organization

Best Workplace Diversity Award

This award is a clear evidence of a diversity strategy or initiative that has made a significant difference to an organisation's performance, for example in the delivery of customer service, employee engagement, retention, innovation or impact on leadership

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HR Team of the Year

This award recognises the year’s most outstanding HR team for their collaborative approach to the HR function as a whole with the most innovative and successful strategic plan by using methods that include marketing & communication, recruitment and change management strategies.

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Best L&D Strategy Award

This award recognises and celebrates the HR team that has delivered the most outstanding organisational benefits by directly linking the training and skills development of their employees to the business needs of their organisation.

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Most Innovative HR Tech Award

Technology allows HR professionals to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on high-value strategic issues. So being an early adopter of HR tech and using it in a smart way makes a lot of sense.

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Best Recruitment Strategy Award

Talent scarcity has forced companies to innovate and experiment with new techniques. In this category, judges will be looking for smart and effective talent acquisition programmes that not only fill vacancies, but also raise candidate quality.

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Best Employee Engagement practice

This award recognises an organisation which has demonstrated a fresh take on employee engagement that has delivered real organisational benefits. , judges will be on the lookout for HR teams which best devise employment engagement strategies that make a difference to an organisation’s business.

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Best Talent Acquisition Practice

This award recognises a Talent Acquisition team who demonstrates excellence in sourcing, vetting, attracting and recruiting high performing talent to meet organisational goals and fill project requirements or business critical roles.

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